Off Site Engraving

Remember Me Tombstones

Engraving on tombstone off site

We offer an option to engrave on tombstones without the need to remove the tombstone. Especially the berm and lawn sections where the grave can be dug without removing the stone. We have mobile equipment to engrave or sandblast on the tombstone or monument. Whether you need to get a death date engraved on site or if you want to add a poem or scripture we can help. We have done work in municipal and private cemeteries all over Gauteng. When walking through the cemetery you often see tombstones with no death date on the tombstone. We match the font closest to what is available on the database. Inform us with your requirements and we will be able to give you a quote. We do not offer the cost of onsite engraving as we quote on a case by case basis depending on which cemetery we need to go to.


Do you need a 2nd inscription done on a plaque? We always try to match the font as close as possible in type and size. Usually we take plaques from churches or memorial walls to the workshop for additional engraving. We can however if the need arise assist by doing additional engraving on site like a new death date for example.